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Using Lycon hot and warm wax, makes our waxing treatments one of the most comfortable on the market.





-Half Arm 

-Full Arm

-Half Leg (lower/upper)

-Full Leg 



-Thong Bikini*

higher than a standard bikini wax, but no hair is removed from the intimate area, but can include the perineum and anus if desired


all pubic hair is removed from the whole intimate area, including the labia, perineum and anus, as well as from the mons pubis.


all pubic hair is removed from the whole intimate area, including the labia, perineum and anus, a small section of hair is left on the mons pubis.


-Chest & Stomach 


*uses Lycon hot wax






Waxing FAQs
First wax, or seasoned pro? Check out some Frequently Asked Questions before your first wax (or to refresh your memory) At Little Pink Salon.

How Long Should My Hair be?
it should be about 4 weeks since you last removed hair from the area (be it another wax, hair removal cream or shaving). This is to insure the hair is long enough as well as having enough hair growth from each cycle to make your wax worth while.
If it's been considerably longer than that, i recommend trimming the hair prior to your appointment to about 1cm (roughly the length of a grain of rice) to make your wax as comfortable as possible.

Does It Hurt?
 i can't lie to you, waxing isn't a relaxing treatment. Yes, it's uncomfortable, but the pain is over very quickly, and if you keep up with regular treatments it becomes less painful. I always say the first is the worst.

Can I Get Waxed On My Period?
Yes, absolutely! Some people find they are more sensitive just before or during their menstrual cycle, so it can be a little more uncomfortable than usual.
If you are having a bikini or intimate wax, wear a fresh tampon or menstrual cup and tuck the string just side the labia. I always provide intimate wipes before intimate waxing.

Yes! Waxing isn't something you have to forfeit during pregnancy.
You need to wait until you are 12+ weeks into your pregnancy and can have any waxing up until you are due.
You can be a little more sensitive during pregnancy, so it may be a little more uncomfortable than usual

How Long Does The Wax Last?
This depends on a few factors: How quickly your hair grows, the body part that was waxed and how regularly you want to get waxed...
I find pubic hair grows back quicker than forearm hair.
Clients who have darker, thicker hair may notice regrowth sooner than a fair, blonde client.
If the hair was fully grown out (minimum 4 weeks) as much hair as possible would have been removed from the root, resulting in a longer lasting wax- so it's worth the wait if you can bare it.
Some clients get waxed year round and have regular monthly appointments, others don't mind growing out their hair during the winter months and only get waxed in the warmer months.
It takes a few treatments to get into a good regrowth-waxing cycle and then the results should last longer between treatments.

Can Men Get Waxed?
Absolutely! All my waxes a gender-neutral (I don't charge more/less for certain areas depending on gender). The only treatment I don't perform on clients with male genitalia is bikini, Thong, Hollywood and Brazilian waxes.

What Do You Recommend After Waxing?
Check out my aftercare page for do's and don'ts for after waxing

Still Have More Questions?
Send me an email:


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